Disney Commitment Form

If you have not yet filled out a Disney Commitment Form, please do so ASAP. We need to hear from the parents of EVERY band student to know if they are planning to go on the Disney Trip over Spring Break or not. This will help us determine accurate cost figures, make plans, etc.

Please fill out the attached form and return it with your child to school or bring it tomorrow to the Preview Show.


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Station Camp Marching Invitational — SCMI

From Lisa: A correction to the email address for Lisa Robison. It is robisonL70. Please let me know if you are able to help in any way.

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Thundering Herd Highlights: Week of August 11th

A few things to note this week:

• Marching Band Preview Show and BBQ Dinner — Friday, August 15th. Show is at 6 pm and dinner is at 7 pm — at the school. Be sure to RSVP the number of BBQ plates you would like to reserve ($6/plate). And please plan to bring a dessert to share. You can RSVP on Facebook, by e-mailing Jenny Hogan at jehogan09 or by texting her at 615-525-7763. Be sure to include your student’s name and the number of attendees. Deadline to RSVP is today!

• We are reaching out to our alumni in new ways. So if you know someone who has graduated from the SCHS Band, please let them know there’s a new Alumni Facebook Page, started by Alumni Carolyn Ferguson, and we encourage them to send us their e-mail address so we can stay in touch. They can send their e-mail address to scbandinfo. All alumni are invited to join us for the preview show and BBQ dinner on Friday, August 15th and bring a guest. We will treat them to barbecue. All they have to do is RSVP as listed above.

• Disney Trip — if you haven’t yet filled out your Disney Commitment form, please do so ASAP. You can return it by e-mail to scbandinfo or turn it in to Mr. Scott. We need to get as accurate a count as possible on who will be going on the trip so we can begin to figure out accurate costs. Even if you know you are NOT going, we need to know that too!

• City Saver Books are available for check out. This is a big fundraising opportunity that goes into your child’s Fair Share Accounts, so don’t miss it. Parents must sign for the books, which can be signed out at the BBQ dinner. Contact Beverly Richardson for other ways to sign out books.

• The second Chaperone Training is scheduled for Thursday, August 14th at 6 pm. Please come to be trained, even if you think you MIGHT want to chaperone this year. We want as many parents as can to help during home football games. So come and be trained and be part of the Herd!

• SCMI — Committees are starting to meet now to plan for the second annual Station Camp Marching Invitational on September 13th. It will take each and every parent helping to make a successful event, which raises money directly for the band. If you haven’t yet signed up to be on a committee, please contact Lisa Robison robison170 or 615-587-1917. Watch future e-mails for volunteer opportunities the day of the event as well.

• Hospitality — Jenny Hogan is the head of the Hospitality Committee that helps provide and organize tailgating for competitions and other major events. She is looking for volunteers who would like to both help organize/plan these tailgates as well as volunteers who want to help. If you are interested, please contact Jenny Hogan on Facebook or by e-mail at jehogan09.

• Fundraising — If you have any Fundraising ideas or would like to be part of the Fundraising committee to help choose our fundraisers, please respond to this e-mail or contact Beverly Richardson via Facebook.

• Spirit Nights — We will NOT be having the Spirit Night at Chili’s scheduled for tonight. Our next Spirit Night is scheduled for Logan’s Roadhouse on August 26th. More to come on Spirit Nights.

• Ordering Photos from Media Day — You can go online and order photos taken at last Saturday’s Media Day from Memories By Murray — Here’s the direct link: http://www.memoriesbymurray.com/Sports-and-Athletics/High-School/Station-Camp-High-School/Thundering-Herd-Marching-Band/2014/2014-Station-Camp-High-School-/

• E-mails — E-mail and Facebook are the primary methods of communication for the band. If you know someone who is not getting our e-mails, please encourage them to e-mail their address to scbandinfo or direct message it to Sheila Schoonover Davis on Facebook. We are still getting a few bounce backs as well so if someone is not getting e-mails they need to confirm their address with us.

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Music and Arts Fundraising Opportunity

Music and Arts is a great fundraiser to earn money for your child’s Fair Share/Disney trip!

We will have a training meeting Monday August 11 at 7 pm. Just by coming to the meeting you will receive $25 toward your child’s account. If more than one person over the age of 18 comes, your child will receive $25/person. So, that can be your spouse, and grandparents.

Once trained, we will send out emails, or post on the FaceBook Booster page, on short notice looking for people willing to work the instrument sign ups in various places. What you will be doing is signing 6th graders up for their very first instrument. This is done all across Middle Tennesee, so we may ask for volunteers for White House, Portland, Wilson Co., Franklin, Gallatin and Hendersonville and places in between!

You will normally work with 2 other parents and one Music and Arts employee, so no need to stress! For every event you work, you will earn $25 toward your child’s account. If you and your spouse work the same event, you will earn $50. My husband and I will go to separate sites as well. He will go to those closer to his work, which is convenient for him. These events usually last about 2-3 hrs.

We would love to see you at the meeting, but would really be excited if you were able to help us out with the events as well! We look forward to seeing you Monday night!

Jenny Hogan and Tara Fischer

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